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Zabbix HTML notification templates

Just a quick post to point at my GitHub repo — some quick templates I’ve recently made to make Zabbix e-mail alerts a little nicer.

It isn’t perfect (eg. it defaults to critical for everything, because one cannot template the HTML using something like Jinja), but it at least uses CSS media stuff etc for mobile vs desktop.

Mostly stolen from this post.

Linux tc-cake notes

This post is my efforts to pull together info around the cake queue discipline (qdisc) available in more recent Linux versions.

X11 forwarding and sudo

I thought I’d share this little tip on how to easily forward X stuff (including over SSH), when needing to sudo first, easily. It seems that this been something lost since the dawn of a new generation of Unix/Linux users, so hopefully this helps.

Replacing VMware ESXi with Proxmox, KVM and LXC

And so it has come at last — my removal and replacement of VMware ESXi at home, with something better, known as Proxmox.  This post seeks to document the journey a bit, and give a tip or two along the way.

PS4, dynamic port forwards and my MikroTik

PS4 parteh parteh parteh

I have recently discovered the messy hell that is the PS4 voice/party chat.  Seems that even in 2015, developers still can’t get it right with respect to voice chats, NAT and firewalls, even when you’re on “NAT Type 2”.

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