She’s gone.

It’s all too quiet.

And tomorrow is another day.

Its 9:30, I just got home
From a day I’d have rather not endured
She’s gone
Really gone…
And in my head I only met her days ago
Yet my heart knew her for years
I so desperately didn’t want her to cry
Her tears are pain I once washed
I so desperately wanted to cry with her
To show at least in one way what she was
When I was so fucked at any other way

As I walked away from her at that gate
The song of a thousand violins tore at my heart
A buzzing in the ears…
I found myself blundering,
Suddenly having nowhere to go,
Noone to be
No hurry to be in
But only to run
To stand still.

I’m so fucking angry
I’m so damned sad
You’re the one thing I’ve lost
The one thing I never had

Eyes watering, just like the rain coming down,
I walk slowly off
Feeling like the bottom half of me had melted away
I discovered my eyes, trickling like the beginnings
Of a torrent previously undisturbed
Undiscovered, about you…
I realised the cause of that trickle
Burned inside me
And she was flying away
And I was letting her
And she was letting me.

And I realised something
Remembered something
Felt something…

Believed something.

If you love something,
Set it free.

Em, thankyou for giving me the chance
To be not what you need
To be not what you deserve
To be unburdened upon you
To set you free

Em, thanks just for the chance.