Man, have I been slack or what :/ Sorry, but I have a decent enough excuse. I’ve been sick all week. I never get sick, so this mother of a bug must be a good one. I caught it last Saturday/Sunday, and am still attempting to shake the fucker.

Ok, so the week in review. Last Saturday night was the shithot WetMusik gig. It was fucking amazing. Very well put together effort by the crew; it was intimate, it pumped, the music and DJs were the shit. Will E Tell rocked my fucking world, as did Simon Coyle and DigbyAde Fenton was good, but god was he cooked off his head.

I got some good photos, it would seem. Check them here. They’re also up on ITM. I’m hoping to have the Wet crew use them on the CD that a mate Reggie recorded of the night 🙂

So the gig was grand. Come Sunday arvo/evening, I’m getting a sore throat and thinking, uh oh. I was right, as by Monday I was fucked. Felt like shit, coughing and spluttering… and its pretty much been that way since.

Small world we live in… either Sunday or Monday night following the gig, I ran into Simon Coyle down the street at the local chicken shop. Was quite the mindfuck. I recognised him but wasn’t all too sure so I left it, but he then recognised me. Me all groupie, hah.

So, spent most of the week dying. Laying around, snotting, trying to rest up and shake the fucker. It’s coming to a close now, but the cough is still ripping new holes in my lungs. I’ve had a good run I spose… just wish it had happened ONCE I’d started the new job (complete with holiday and sick leave).

Seems to be the week/month/whatever for people to be feeling rather low unto themselves. Friends all around me seem to have caught this particular infection. It worries me. I should be down and out, and I’m not. What am I to think of that? Anything? Probably not.

All I can hope is that I’ve been there for them, helped and whatever. Spent a good portion of the weekend fulfilling my role as Lingy the Healer, hopefully that time was well spent. If it wasn’t, I can only hope to improve upon those failures I guess. I worry for you Jayney, Nay & Kaff.

Only another week before I start the working grind thing again. I’m so looking forward to it, and so not. Reasons should be fairly obvious (monetary versus the concept of working at all), but at least I’ve finally landed something that’ll hopefully let me develop myself into something useful for once instead of an “employee.”