Grrr, the holidays are finally over… but, I went out with a little grace… Spent a couple of days up at Dad’s. Cleansing. Refreshing, and also quite controversy-filled!

On the first night up there, a friend from “down the road” was staying over at their house. Long story short, the topic of raves and drugs came up between Mary (Dad’s missus) and myself, and that’s when the shit hit the fan.

She’s a supposed “counsellor” or somesuch. She supervises “supervised child visitation” resulting from divorce. Anyhow, off she went… “I know all about drug abuse and you don’t”, “I know and have seen what addiction is, there’s no way you could understand!”

You can imagine my pain. Dad and Mary are convinced she’s cooked up top, I wholeheartedly agree. She particularly knew everything about speed. It kills people, without fail, every time. It always causes addiction. And of course the true old faithful bullshit line, “It always leads to heavier drugs, like heroine!” Oh, and this is all while she puffs away on smokes and swigs on a glass of the wine we were all drinking.

Anyhow, she just kept going until she talked herself stupid, got up, packed her bags and walked home (and that’s country miles), whilst it was absolutely pissing down rain. Fucking classic. She then spent part of the following day apologising to Dad (as he was fixing her car battery), and didn’t even think to ask him to apologise to us.

Man, I shit you not, I wish at those moments I owned a digital video camera. I could have sold that to Stingers or some other excellent-quality Australian produced drama.

Doofed Saturday night at NRG6 The Awakening. Nice gig. Took the camera but I had the SlabMaster down from Sydney so couldn’t be fucked. It was so shithot to rock it with Mikey, first time ever. We had much goodness and funment. DJ Hellraizer sucked (and normally he doesn’t), Scott Alert was my saviour, he was the shit. The noise levels at the gig were absolutely shitful. Had 98dB noise cutout limiters on all the amps there thanks to the EPA, and it was just wrong to be able to actually hear people talking to you from 50cms away.

First day at ANZ today, was good. Looks like a good one for me, should be interesting.

Yay for thingies.