Mother trying to kill herself, the world trying to kill Dad, mixing, work, life…

Got a call from my dear mother a few days ago… who was telling me about how she’s now out of the hole she was in (mentally), was thinking about killing herself and whatnot. Quite an ace call to field, not. Blah.

My brother called me today too to tell me that Dad was in hospital with chest pains and shit like that… has an irregular heart and shit. Not cool. I worry about that old ox 🙁 And there’s stupid me, whilst on the phone to bro, sucking on a cigarette :/

Had a great night doing versus with Dan last night… fucking ace. My first time on vinyl decks too, and it was a piece of piss. Really looking forward to the gig in a few weeks time. Doing my first versus with Chris (DJ Nemesis) tonight, should be phat.