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Pharmacy, DJ Scot Project, Choci… good lord.

Pharmacy was on Saturday night, and it was great. The venue (new one in Moorabbin) was magnificent, as was the sound system. Lighting was good too. DJ Choci was quite insane (excepting his stupid dancing antics behind the decks, looked like a tool), Scot was good too (three hour set), but it was far too hardcore-sounding for my liking. Long, drawn-out basskicks and stuff, was a tad odd. Went with Nem and Bee, and a mate of Chris’ from Cadbury, Mark. A good night was had 🙂 Didn’t hang around for Nexus though, pity in a way.

Not a lot else to tell at the moment. The shiftwork rolls on (urgh), and I have a gig coming up this Friday, playing alongside NemDan, and Tom at the Lizard Lounge on Chapel Street. Should be fun. Life is good at the moment overall 🙂 🙂

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Water, Elmer and happiness

  1. nemesis

    I was majorly impressed with that venue. It gave a nice old skool vibe to the party. The lighting, decor and of course sound were all excellent.

    I thought Choci ripped up his hour set(should have been at least an hour and a half) dropping tracks such as Acid Air Raid, Acid Nightmare and Insomnia 2002. He was having a hard time motivating the croud at the start of his set but I think his ‘energy’ beind the decks got most people up.

    Scot was of course mad. His DJ’ing has really improved since the first time I saw him play… but his track selection hasn’t changed… still awesome. As Jason said, he was bangin out some very hard trance… with an emphasis on basslines rather than the trancey melodies that have become the norm at most hard trance parties these days. He dropped a lot of his own stuff which is quite surprising…not usually his style. His set spanned hard trance, acid, hard techno, and even some borderline progressive trance. Nice too see some style mixing.

    Hellraiser dropped some more of the same. Picking up right where Scot left off (of course he moved the pitch shifter a little closer to +8, which was much appreciated)

    Had a mad night… short and sweet. Shame we didn’t hang around for Nexus. I usually hang around to at least say gday but my legs were about to drop off.

    Must check that venue out some more!

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