One more night left of shift, the garage finally gets some attention, and I don’t know what day it is without referring to a clock.

It’s a bizarre way to be. Waking up at 4pm, having a few coffees and then eating a dinner, before going to work. Come home, and relax zombie-like for a while and eat a “kinda” breakfast. I didn’t know how the last three months would pan out, and lord knows how the next three will.

So I eventually spoke to the idiot at Nandos about my wallet; seems that it was in fact mine, as he sighted the first name on the cards. I said, “Uh, why didn’t you insist on keeping the wallet when the customer mentioned it?” To which he responded, “Ah, oh yeah, didn’t think of that.”

Thanks to that butthead (and my stupid tracksuit pants), a chain reaction of events flowed forth that I just don’t wanna have to go through again:

  • My credit card number changes, for the first time ever
  • My ATM cards change, including the numbers, and have to pay $15 for the privledge of getting access to MY money again
  • My login to my ANZ banking was completely locked out temporarily because of my Customer Reference Number cancellation
  • My Visa card doesn’t appear anymore on my CBA banking
  • I have to re-add all cards to all internet banking sites
  • I have to visit branches and activate the new cards when they arrive, which is “Three to five business days Sir”
  • I have to goto a VicRoads and get a new drivers license, and cough up $17
  • I have to change my direct debiting on the credit card, which is only one thing, but still… I only just added a DD to it for the first time ever
  • I have to get a new wallet

So anyhow… reconstruction works have finally begun on the garages. Jayne tells me that I can go to the tribunal and get a partial refund on rent because of the one month plus of unusable garage… only problem I have is that I have been using it anyhow. Dunno if I’ll bother with that.

I’ve heard again from my gorgeous sweet American goddess Shelly! Stoked. I missed her. Cheeky woman; god almighty Kevin is one lucky guy. I’m always left smiling for hours after hearing from her, god I hope one day I can get over there…

Anyhow, mostly all good, rock on 🙂