Hrm, I’ve been slack, soz 😛

Just did another bout of night shift, started last Friday night. Bad round this one. Copped a fairly nasty blow of RSI to the arms, so I couldn’t do much on a keyboard which made the 12 hour nights and stuff just that much slower 🙁

Anyhow, leading up to nights I spent a good evening over at Art’s place Thursday night (and finally got a photo from Two Tribes earlier in the year!) Hung out with Art, Dee, and met three other DJs, including a lovely lass from Adelaide, ShayEric was a Swedish DJ over here touring south east Asia and Oz, he was cool, and finally met Shaun (residency at Viper, amongst other places).

Great night, left his place at 6am or so. Work Friday night, the Neanderthal Wookie Elmer Fudd was in and coughing and spluttering his germs all over the place. Not covering his annoying gob or anything, and not doing anything about the cough either (hey, ever heard of decongestants, or perhaps a fucking Strepsil you idiot?)

Sure enough, 3/4 of the team were sick come Saturday night, myself included. Inconsiderate fucking moron. More of the same shit Saturday night, and then he decides to say he’s not coming in for Sunday nightshift because he’s sick. Good one toss; if he hadn’t used up all his “non-certificate” sick days already he may have had the brains to not come in earlier and infect everyone.

So anyway, receeding RSI, sore throat and brain-melted, I’m out of the nightshift tunnel again for the time being. Being fuelled along just knowing the Earthcore is coming. Bee has had to drop out unfortunately, so it looks like the Nem and I are cruising up together, which will be welcome company for the drive 🙂 Caaaaaan’t wait to party up there with certain people!

Don’t stop the rock. I think.