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Earthcore, summer!

The wonder comes, the wonder goes; all good on the Fishtern Front.

(A quick apology for lack of utter useless shit that nobody reads here, but I’ve been battling a decent bout of RSI 🙁 Slowly getting better, but its meant that any form of typing sends me mental and hurts.)

As you’re probably expecting me to say, EC was mad. Excellent. GREAT, and everything it needed to and should be. I had a magnificent night, as did Chris, and we caught up with all the people we wanted to, and a great time was had.

Good post-gig company was kept too 🙂 All in all, a great start that was Friday night, leading into leaving to go up Saturday, through to early Tuesday morning. A great weekend. An amazing way to celebrate both my own first year anniversary of doofing (raves that is, not the music), and to make up for the shitful Earthcore I had last year!

The rest of my time lately has been rather anti-climactic to the above, so I’ll just leave it at this 🙂 I took a whopping four photos at EC, check them in the gallery. Chris took some video, may put that up too once I have it 🙂




Christmas shindig


  1. nemesis

    Earthcore was most excellently phat.

    Infected Mushroom topped all my expectations with an awesome set. I have never seen an international act at Earthcore clear all the other stages but within 5 minutes of IM’s set starting most EC patrons were packed onto the main dance floor, and spilling out into the market. Hallucinagen followed IM fairly well rocking out some classic trance. The low-light of Hallucinagen’s set had to be his Riverdance themed trancer (I wouldn’t usually include a “low-light” in such a top set but this was too much). I still have flashback’s of punters trying their hand(or feet) at the “Riverdance”… as you can imagine it wasn’t pretty.

    Over on the Pharmacy stage D.A.V.E. the Drummer was rocking. Same old hard trance/hard dance styles that always get the party rocking. I didn’t catch the whole set but what I saw was uber tight. I saw even less of Warmduscher which was a real shame but, again, what I saw was impressive.

    Jason and I spent a lot of time chillin’ near the renegade psy stage which was going off all night, except for a brief period… luckily I was elsewhere, kicking it at the main stage. I must say we chose(ended up) in a sick car spot, not 100 metres from renegade.

    Wicked night all round.

    I then went to 50 cent on Friday 5/12/03. Now this was a highly disappointing concert. Even my low expectations weren’t met. We rocked up just in time for Obie Trice who was wicked, he wasn’t on for very long but he was rocking the joint. He played heaps of tracks from his new album plus some stuff I hadn’t heard. Then 50 came out… with laryngitis… he tried really hard to keep it going and his crew were trying really hard to fill the gaps but, in my opinion, they didn’t pull it off. At one stage 50 cent went off for a gargle or some shit for 10 minutes plus and we were left with silence. I reckon it took them 10 minutes to get a music video happening on the big screens and then 50 was back again anyway….croaking away. I thought at least they could have got Obie back out for some more but we ended up with 45 minutes minus gaps of sweet FA.

    I suppose some of the fireworks were pretty cool but they even screwed that up with some stupid red, white and blue ticker tape bullshit towards the end. GO AMERICA!!

    Anyway, it waqs a major let down after Earthcore but hey, that’s what you get for going to TOP 40(basically) concerts. It was just a reminder to keep it underground. Gimme a mirror ball, some crappy lights and a green laser in a shed with some decks anyday.

    • Yak

      AAAAAARRRRGGHGHGH!!! Still haven’t see the shrooms play yet!! The one thing that would get me out to a bush doof right about now would be hearing them rip “Acid Killers” – probably the best psytrance track I’ve ever heard – well… my fave anyways.

      *Ponders* I’ve been to 3 ECs now and I think they were all season openers at Mt Disappointment. Any possibility of getting a crew together for the end of season one next year? Is usually around february I think

      • I’m up for a bushie with KokMan and Nem! Especially upon his auspicious return!

      • nemesis

        I just found “Acid Killers” on the B-side of one of my older psy vinyl. I have had the track on vinyl for years and never knew! Totally rapt about that one.

        Regarding EC’s at Mt. Disappointment, I beleive they have stopped having them there. I think (please don’t quote me) that they had some noise complaints(!!!) from some locals in the area.

        I guess the sound from a big Thumpenstein system travels a long way.

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