So, in my usual graceful fashion, I started and finished christmas shopping yesterday, and strangely don’t have 100 stories to tell of all the annoyances encountered!

There was no specific way to actually find anything

One event of note was when I decided to take care of all the kids’ shopping in at Toys Goat Us. I must have motored around that place for a good 30-40 minutes trying to find exactly what I needed; I noticed that, unless I’m completely fucking stupid, there was no specific way to actually find anything — the store, as expected, is laid out in a way that just makes you have to walk the whole damned thing.

Anyhow, I’m done and heading for the checkout… pick a lane, and wait (note: I have a knack of picking the so-very-wrong lanes some days, and great at it others).

The lovely mother/daughter team in front of me got to the counter, put the purchases down, and waited till she finished. Then missy decides to pull out the… cheque book. Yes folks, in the year 2003, some stupid fucks still actually use cheques to pay for shit at retail outlets, and expect retailers to actually accept them.

Anyhow, usual routine flowed forth… we don’t accept cheques, etc. Missy decides to recite some dreamt-up Commonwealth law, telling the checkout chick that it was illegal for retailers to NOT accept company cheques as a form of payment.

“Sure, they don’t have to accept personal cheques, but they have to accept company ones!”, like that makes any fucking difference.

Sure, they don’t have to accept personal cheques, but they have to accept company ones!

Mother chequer

Gotta admire the ignorant, rude and fucking annoying persistence she has on the topic — I reckon I was waiting there close on 15 minutes while she got store assistants out, then the manager, all to be told the same thing.

Love the managers’ work — he was so fucking cool and calm it really must have jacked missy off.

Apart from that, it was so much fun! Not 😉