Obviously, working for “another bank” I seldom use my Commonwealth accounts anymore, but this is just going too far…

So I login to my NetBank online banking, and discover that my main savings account, one that I’ve had open since I was aged single-digits, gone. It’s just not listed there anymore.

I make calls, and discover that the account has been closed due to being overdrawn. This isn’t the first time that the account has been overdrawn, but the first time the bank has decided to close it.

It has been overdrawn $12 for about a month. After much ado, they say no problems, they’ll reopen it. Nice one. The guy rings back a few hours later to tell me, well, actually no, we can’t reopen it because the branch it was with no longer exists.

I had told them that the letter I’d gotten was ancient, had someones home phone number on it, and had other inaccurate details. Anyhow, when I expressed no interest whatsoever in opening another one, the guy was disappointed. Poor guy. Fucking clowns.