So I’ve been slack; we shall not speak anymore on this subject.

Dave Clarke last Friday night was McFabbo. Great night, good crew as usual, we are go for quality doofage. Went with Chris, Bee and Mark, was a great outing 🙂 Only downsides were the venue itself (Price of Wales, yuk), the soundsystem was horrendously SHITFUL, and the promoters just tried to milk too much money out of the night by packing the place too full — waaaaaaaay too many people, and a fair portion were tryhards sucking up valuable dancefloor space. Still, a great night 🙂 Meeting Robyn was lovely too 🙂

Not a lot else to report — lovin my deck, have been trying to squeeze in jammage whenever I can and when time-of-day permits. Looking very much forward to Pharmacy next weekend, moreso for the outing than the lineup. Seems that my Friday, Saturday & Sunday are already booked, I’m gonna be a busy lad.