Good god, I’ve been rocked to the kazbone.

Great weekend. Excellent weekend 🙂 Highlight, none other than Pharmacy on Saturday night.

Rocked it with the usual mincemasters, Chris & Mark, and had a ball. Venue, check. Sound, bigcheck. Vibe: copy that. Lighting: werd. Fish: rockin.

Chris Liberator was the shit for me. Bangin set, amazing choonage and technically spot on, he inspired me. Even got me off my ass 😉 I really do need to remedy my issue of sore legs/knees when going to gigs, I sit too much :/ Then again, I’m not sure if that’s a bad or good thing.

Cosmic Gate disappointed me. Their mixing was at about seemingly my level (which is embarassing to a crew that’s been around for donks), choones were farty and airy fairy, too much genre jumping without it being smooth… meh. Me no like-a him. Joy was boring, though only caught the first five odd tracks. Sounded promising though. (And as I type this, Joyenergizer (Phisical mix) by Kitikonti himself just came on — and its such a great track *more disappointment*)

As for anyone else, Hellraizer or others, it was doofage, can’t remember, was good, I think 😉

Took no photos because of a partial waning of carefactor, and the fact that the otherwise-great “deco” people decided that a big phat fucking cyclone fence right in front of the booth was a great idea. Hrmph.

Quotable quotes from the night that I can remember:

Chris: “I was almost in Tel Aviv”
(Context: I was ranting on about how utterly coolshit it would be to catch Astral Projection playing a doof in Tel Aviv, bombs exploding around them (as has happened in the past).

Me: “A potpourri of pleasure”
(Context: who knows…)

Anyhow, that is all, PEACEI’MOUDDAHERE.