I had yet another strange dream the other morning, and have absolutely no idea what it’s meant to mean.

I had awoken upon my alarm for work, and dosed back off for a bit, which is when I dreamt that I had done something to my left leg/knee.

There was some kinda bone that had come out of my leg, underneath my knee. It was about 20cms long, and looked like a shrunk fibia bone, but at one end the “joint” part was spread/splayed into like a mini garden rake style. Flesh and blood and shit was of course dangling off it.

Anyhow, I just decided to pull it out from its partial dangling outta my leg, to, of all things, clean it in preparation for putting it back into my leg.

I mean, WTF. I did so, and promptly woke up. I got out of bed and found myself actually limping on the left side for a bit, still reeling from the bizarre dream.

That one threw me for a six.