So, I thought, finally the clothes line hogging noisy tools had moved, that all would be good in lingland. New people, perhaps new goodness. No donut.

For the last few months, two people across the road have decided that their richness isn’t displayed enough, and that they should rip down whole houses and build new ones. It’s good to know that others have that kind of money to throw around while I still catchup from the joys that were a dodgy employer and certain other personal repayments.

That stuff across the road has mostly finished, from what I can hear. Now, the new lot downstairs have begun.

Yes, they’re better with their washing. They’re also just as good at slamming their doors to cars, garages, house, just to acknowledge that they realise nobody else lives in this block (just like the last lot). And now, they’re ripping out parts of their kitchen.

This is ok. Not everyone works shift, I’m cool with that. What I’m not cool with is, once again, the lack of consideration. Sure Mr. Tradie guy, just park right in the thoroughfare driveway so that your tray truck is right next to you — screw anyone else that wants to drive in and out! Anyone else who?

The icing was that yesterday, missy needed to get out, and tradie was blocking her. Tradie moves car, she then leaves her car right across all the other garages. Remember, nobody else lives here, or didn’t you get that memo?!?

Thankfully for her, she moved before I had to leave for work, or I may have just unleashed a shitty bad day upon her. I just don’t get how one out of four can be so annoying. It must be the air in that particular apartment or something, who knows.

Anyhow, it should be an interesting year ahead with this new lot. Oh to have my own house…