Life is good, Riot is coming up on the weekend, and finally I have some weekends off!

Alas, Chris can’t come, nor can Bee 馃檨 Small issue of a set of birthdays getting in the way, buggah. I shall rock it on with Markosikov though, and we shall hold a vigul for missing parties in celebration of their girthness.

I recently had my status as a marine lifeform heavily studied by my sweetie from Boston, Dani… I’ll just blat the log, I can’t describe it any other way…

[02:23] Dan: so lingfishes can get big!
[02:23] Dan: 6 ft long!
[02:23] Dan: 20 kg
[02:23] lingfish: HAHAHHAAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!
[02:25] Dan: Ling cod are….well…..not handsome when caught, at least by human standards. It’s kind of a case of “the face only a mother could love.” But once you turn the fish into filets and cook them, it will be love at first bite.
[02:26] Dan: but yeah doesn’t sound an attractive little bugger
[02:26] Dan: also called lemon fish?
[02:27] Dan: there are two fishes called Ling!
[02:28] lingfish: I HAVE A TWIN!
[02:28] lingfish: Good lordie, I’m trapped in a Star Wars movie
[02:28] Dan: ok, ling cod is the ugly one.
[02:28] Dan: a cobia is a sexy barracuda type fish

So, there you have it, I’m now a Cobia, and I’m sexy and barracuda-like 馃槈

n. pl. barracuda or bar路ra路cu路das

Any of various fierce, mostly tropical marine fishes of the genus Sphyraena that resemble pike, have a projecting lower jaw with fanglike teeth, and include some edible species.

Phanglike, rawk on. Anyhow, in other news, there’s not a lot to tell… life is ok, I need more money, and BRING ON THE WEEKEND!