Seems that it is still occasionally appreciated, big or small…

I was leaving training today and I held a lift for a woman; yes, one that was absolutely stunning, but a fact that I discovered after doing my small act of niceness.

A nice conversation about nothing ensued, smalltalk; mainly about it about to be hell to get out of the carpark, and how she perhaps should have considered the train in.

Sounds like nothing, but she was stunning, a British accent, tall and flowing — surprised I even got a word out of her.

In other news, the doof was rocken, all good, can’t say any more than that except that the venue was indeed quite good, sound was amazing, lighting rocken, and most of the DJs were pumpin’ out the finest of choonage. A great night. Heh, and I got hit on by an 18 year old that said, and I quote, “You sound old.” *chuckle*