Having been that moved by two particular performances on the show last night, I was compelled to rant 😉

So the show was, as per usual, not in the slightest bit boring. Please be aware that I stumbled across this being on, I’m not in any way any form of particular fan of MTV. I’m kinda glad I did catch it though.

The first reason would be for a performance by the Beastie Boys, which I had never seen a live performance by before, and because of their recent new album release. Fucking mad. Loved it 🙂 The DJ in the back did a great job, and it was good to see a few fuckups to keep it sounding real.

Really enjoyed their simple yet effective set and performance — in direct contrast to a similiarly-done effort by Mr. F* himself, Eminem, which I’ll mention later.

The performance that really blew me away though was from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, of which I’d heard very little and had little interest in.

Although she doesn’t look it in the photo above, the vocalist had a great onstage sex appeal, but it was the actual set and cine work by MTV themselves, plus the bands performance that rocked me. MTV.com seems to love Flash (no doubt so that pictures can’t be easily stolen), so I have no shots of it, but it was an amazing thing with a background and grass and shit, and rose petals falling.

It was done in such a great way that, due to simple camera framing, looked like in no way it was being filmed live and onstage in a hall. The band was amazing too for a three-piece, and it all just worked together real well.

Then bring on Eminem. Appearing as his D-12 persona, it blew. Non-identity tosspony that he is gets dressed up as Axl Rose along with the other band members playing along. Even just considering dry humour, it wasn’t funny. Of all things to use in his continual confrontational wank he calls performances, why Guns N Roses?! They died years ago; make your latest statement over something half-relevant.

Like them or not, the Gunners knew how to put a show on. Some excellent examples come from previous MTV awards shows. This unit has the audacity to mock that?! Righto.

Oh and yes, I can appreciate rap, and what is today called RnB. This wasn’t it. The song was the one with the “salsa” ending. They (the band) rapped shitfully, had nothing new except the usual waving and crossing of hands, and Eminem tried his best to look gangsta and scary, when the only canvas he supplied to me was one of a white try-hard.

Funny how the Beastie’s went to less effort, and did it so much better. And funny how the Yeahs hardly moved an inch, and yet worked harder and sounded better, with less people involved, than EnemaEm.