After a fairly quiet couple of weeks on holidays, Robyn returned from China and we did stuff 🙂

Friday night was fairly quiet and I mostly just vegged around (as usual) and mixed and whatnot. During all of this I restarted my EBay auction on my guitar, and this time around it’s going great 🙂 🙂 I even have an offer on the table from someone who wants to buy it outright and for me to cancel the auction. Look out second SL1200 deck!!!

Saturday evening I hooked up with Robyn and we went and had dinner just off Fitzroy Street called Chinta Blues. Not a bad place, but I’ve had far better Malaysian food. Must have been half good, as it loved agitating my ulcer.

Purchase of around $110 of piss (gah :/) and back home, we kicked back and drank. Robyn stopped shortly after due to her gut saying, “Ok, after the last three weeks, no more alcohol for you,” which was a pity.

Sunday evening was spent driving down to Phillip Island and grabbing some dinner. Lovely weather, not, but still fun all the same. More enjoyable was Robyn attempting to drive my car on the way back home, heh. So used to her deathtrap car, it made for some entertaining moments. Got some good ideas together too for redoing my evil loungeroom so that my decks and couches and stuff all fit in and look half ok. Oh, and she bought me this gorgeous wrist bead thingy that is Buddhist and represents peace and good luck… I love it 🙂

In other news, it seems that my previous employer is going to be flexible in when I finish up there, which is a good thing. I cannot wait to start in the new role, and at the same time, of course, am loving being a complete sloth.

I had lunch with my team on Chapel Street last Thursday, which I thought was a going away thing but it would seem there’s going to be another event for that. Going out in public, this time, with the freaks wasn’t all that bad, thank god. Not surprised we ended up at La Poryukka (ew) though.

Anyhow, enough for now; rock on 🙂