Went and saw Jeff Mills for the first time ever (that I can remember) a couple of Fridays ago.

An amazing gig. An amazing DJ. Mindblowing! The guy is a damned freak. This was one of the best out of two all-time efforts I’ve ever seen.

The sets were flawless. I say sets because Jeff actually managed to melt his own mixer some way through the set. After roadies rabbitted around fixing shit, he proceeded to play on two sets of decks (group of 2 and a group of 3)!! Madman.

First doof style gig at The Metro too, and hopefully the last. Not a bad place, excellent sound and lighting, but the design of it is just too strange. What I hated the most was the ticket oversubscribing once again that idiot promoters do now; no room to move, and someone like Jeff deserves dancing.

Anyhow, a good night overall; much fun had 🙂