The brilliance that is Earthcore was just on, and as hoped, everyone had a good time.

So, the journey began around 8am Saturday morning when final arrangements were being made to get me to EC. After getting over to Mulch’s house, we began the packing of his mini matchbox car, the Excel.

On our way to the wonderful event were myself, Mulcho (Martin), Sharni and Blake. After several hours of fun travel, we finally touched down around 3pm and setup base.

Chris and Bee rocked up around 7pm, and all the crew had touched down for an excellent night overall.

I had a great night, and bucked my trend of sitting flat on my ass and got around a fair bit. I only have two almost-none regrets, and that was leaving so early with Chris (around 6:30am I think it was), and not sticking harder to my program of acts I wanted to see. The leaving was just a “thing at the time” type of thing; seemed right, I was mellow, and the option of my home looked damned good — I did ideally wanna catch Raja Ram at 11am, but still annoyed that I didn’t catch Nexus’ morning set and a few others.

The only thing I hate about events like Earthcore? For months (more than half a year for me), you’re waiting, and then in a blink of an eye, it’s all gone and done 🙁

Seems to have been two possible deaths up there due to people wandering off and/or falling into the river (search Australian news for “Goulburn River” or “Earthcore”, as well as some rumours of organisers not having funds to cover everything, as well as a low attendance… the end of Earthcore?

Shit, I hope not. A paltry four or five pics will be up in the Gallery soon, if not already.