My stomach issue continues…

I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned it here before or not (and don’t have the care factor to check), but I’ve been having stomach issues for the last six months on and off. About two weeks ago, it hit the worst it ever has.

I was out for drinks with some peeps to celebrate Grant’s birthday, and that’s the night it started. Woke the next day feeling really shit in the guts, at the top and bottom. Went to work, didn’t get any better through the day (thought it may have been poisoning from the shitty pizza slices I picked up heading home), so I went home early.

It continued on, pretty much through the weekend, from that Thursday morning. All manner of fixes were rendered, to no avail. It turned from a “sick stomach” feeling back into the good ole reliable stomach pains I’d been having — the top of the gut, just where the ribs end, feels all tight and sore as if you’ve done 1000 situps. It is confusing because I tend to then take shallow breaths, because it feels like if I move it too much or breath in too deep that something (including my heart) will pop. This in turn seems to be giving me feelings that my heart ain’t quite right. Joy.

Anyhow, I went in (finally) for a gastroscopy, and the results say all is fine and normal; no ulcers, nothing. The specialist (from what I remember) concluded that it was excessive reflux, and gave me some different pills to munch on (I was taking Ranitidine and Zantac, which are the same thing).

So I started those this week, and just as quickly took myself off them. Monday lunchtime, my food was just sitting at the top again, and I felt all bloated and as if I wasn’t digesting. The heart thing followed. Tuesday, ate less, same thing but lesser. Paged the specialist and was advised by his offsider to stop taking the meds straight away. I did so and at least now it feels like when I eat, that my stomach is actually doing things with it.

So, started feeling better through the week, until today. Dunno what I did last night but something has set whatever it is ailing me off again. Not fucking happy. So I now have to wait it out yet again throughout the weekend until I can talk to the specialist, and go to the next level (which I personally believe is xrays and shit.) Something just ain’t right in there.

Not, fucking, cool.