It’s funny how certain events make you think differently about things; it’s great when you have the capability to.

Went to see Arj Barker last Wednesday with Robyn and it was an excellent night. Had some nice dinner in one of Melbourne’s coolshit alleyway resturants and enjoyed a great show. The simplest of things can be so incredibly rewarding.

Been feeling better yet again, all week, until last night. Had another “episode” and couldn’t get to sleep; felt mostly fine just before bed, but once down, it just hit me. The heart thing, or gut, or abdomin thing, whatever it is, is not a pleasant feeling.

The thing about all this crap is that I’m thinking about things differently. I’m wondering how much I hate inescapable, unexplainable pain, and what I can do to minimise this kinda bullshit as the years go on and my shit starts falling apart more. Hmmm, smoking wouldn’t be helping…

Had drinks again with the nerd crew to celebrate Martin’s missus’ birthday. Was nice, and after having a few, Grant, Rob and I went to a lovely steakhouse thing up Toorak Road. Chubby.

Had a practice spin yesterday and live streamed it to Rob too — that was kinda cool 🙂

So yeah.