Another interesting visit to a specialist, attempting some VoIP, stomach normality and more strange visits to the local BP…

I went and got my second opinion, this time from a surgeon that strangely doesn’t prefix his name with “Dr.,” which to me is a tad strange. He appears to have the cred — the framed papers were on the wall, but still…

I was chatting with someone about this a day or so ago, and they didn’t share my “whatthefuck” about it. My main point was a person doesn’t spend six years doing med school, and then another two for honours and PhD, to not want to prefix their name with Doctor… or maybe, some do.

Anyhow, this guy doesn’t have anything much in the way of new ideas about my guts either. He, unlike the others, is leaning toward muscle strain, and more and more I’m tending to agree. I think I’ve had a few things going on, and the original thing has gone away and now that is left is the muscle strain.

Either way, I’ve felt good ever since Wednesday morning, so far 🙂 Tuesday night I checked myself into emergency again for an ECG and general heart check, as the first specialist suggested it to just rule it out. It was all clear, thank the goat lord. I don’t know why, but out of all manner of shit, heart shit scares me the most. And I haven’t really had a tight chest since either; funny that.

Quality healthcare we have though… I know I wasn’t dying, but one still wonders while sitting there for over four hours waiting — and nobody else is going in or out. Robyn came along to keep me company, and that idea somewhat backfired for me because instead of sitting there alone and stressing, I was annoyed about bringing someone along and wasting their time.

Spend a good portion of Saturday getting Asterisk up and running with my new freebie, a Cisco 2610. Mostly successful, and was educational too. Just need to fine tune some stuff and I may even use this stuff fulltime at home.

I went down to the local BP this morning for a toilet roll purchase, and had yet another strange experience there… one of the guys working there was on about how his daughter was doing Macbeth in year seven. I think his problem was them doing it so young, complete with the fucked up English they used back then. I retorted that I still to this day haven’t even read or seen it, he then threw out a line or two from the play to which I thrust my arm in the air and said, “Thou shalt blow it out thine ass!”

It was very much a be there thing. Shut up, I know it’s not funny now.

So yeah, the final moments of this stupid thing we call Mothers Day is passing… a bit of a lonely moment for me — everyone else I know was doing mother/family things today. Eerily quiet.