A great week for music, good company, and scientific health.

So I had my CT scan finally.. man, what a bizarre procedure that is. IV shit has never been appealing to me (don’t have a problem with needles), and that crap they inject you with brings on sensations too fast and fullon for my liking. After hunting through three different doctors, I finally got yet another “all clear” result back.

So, basically, I’m medically perfectly healthy, except for my pains I’ve had the last year. Hrmph.

Went and saw Tori Amos on Thursday night with Robyn, and once again, after a ten year wait, she didn’t disappoint. Solid performance, fucking amazing. I simply have nothing else to say except that it was worth every penny, again!

Visited the bro’s family as well, to give Kooper his birthday present (fuck me, seven years old already), and BBQ. Was a great day, and it was nice to receive childish behaviour from actual children. Left there and went to hook up with the old doof crew, by visiting Willow and Dan. Visited John and his new place, and started playing a set… only about twenty minutes in, a needle broke on me. That pretty much busted a cap on that night.

So yeah, not a bad week overall… feeling healthier for no specific reason (excepting last night, gah, bad), had a good mid year review at work, more fiscal issues sorted… I’ll have more of these weeks thankyouverymuch.