Went up to Dad’s a few weekends ago for a nice weekend getaway, and last weekend, Kisha came into my life 🙂

So Dad’s was relaxing and wonderful as usual. I took Robyn up with me and we both got to unwind from a few very gay months worth of stress. I cooked an almost-perfect, classic lingfish lasagne too, and we all got a little tanked and had a nice Saturday night 🙂

Pics can be found, as usual, in the gallery.

Two notable highlights were when Robyn made me a coffee, complete with salt in it instead of sugar (no fault of her own, she claims ;)) and when she attempted to jump down a smallish embankment, her weak knees giving way early and her handplanting the deck.

Finally, last weekend, I bought another cat. She’s my first since Gizmo came and went through my life. Her name is Kisha, she’s gorgeous, and came from the Lort Smith Hospital. She’s a quick learner; knows to use her scratching post, not to get up on the couch and bed, knew how to use the litter tray straight away… I’m waiting for the first bad bits 😉

I opened up discussions on potential cat names yesterday by getting an appropriate MSN name, and got a bunch of “intriguing” suggestions:

(10:24:58) **Claire**: tiddles?
(10:25:00) **Claire**: hehehe
(10:25:03) **Claire**: tinky winky

(12:44:57) Lather Rinse Repeat: I think "boots" or "fluffy" would suit you ;)

(13:25:06) nadja_shaudin@msn.com: what about scooter?

(15:56:57) lipzy: mine's named fluff
(15:57:02) lipzy: he's a mane coon
(15:57:11) lipzy: awesome awesome cat
(15:57:17) lipzy: purrs like a lawn mower

She’s wonderful… I love her so much. Times like now I wish I had the Canon EOS 20D I so madly want; and will have soonish 🙂