Last weekend was the company all-paid-for getaway…

Not a bad effort overall — we went to the Hyatt Regency Coolum in Queensland, a very nice holiday resort and world-class golf course thing.

I was in ok form for most of the weekend… Friday night was good; around the massive pool was quite cool.

Myself and a mate were pulling customary Zoolander/BlueSteel poses for most of Friday night, but only one shot appears to have surfaced which is a pity.

Saturday night was more formal, and was far messier for me — I got a tad ill and it wasn’t because of the drinking. Never worked out what it was, but I was a sick lad for a while.

I also lost my long-loved tobacco pouch, and wasn’t/ain’t too happy about it. I’ve had that thing since 1992, and I’m convinced someone lifted it from my room or on a table somewhere. Sad really.

The rooms were pretty mad too — although I got jibbed with a smaller room with only a single bed. Some people got full dual-rooms with two toilets and the whole bit, but ours at least wasn’t located 400kms away from all the action.

It poured down on the Sunday when we were all leaving, and I got soaked and did NOT have a very enjoyable bus ride back to Brisbane and the airport. Not to mention that in our seat only, the bus roof decided to leak all over me, just to rub the freezing conditions in. Now I have officially been almost naked at an airport changing! *shudder*

All in all, not a bad weekend — dunno if I’ll go to another one though. Something about too much company propaganda (higher res version of BlueSteel can be found here.