So the trip has finally begun…

I’m currently in London, having started my holiday to Spain. After a stupidly long flight (hey, any flight longer than 2 hours to me is long, I hate flying). Honk Kong was a bit of a trip, even if it was just the airport I saw… so very, very clean; too clean.

I’ve been here about three days now, and have done a shitload of walking around and checking stuff out. Fascinating place, especially where I’m staying right now (Aldgate)… quite the anti-jewel in London’s crown.

Funny how different stuff is — we just literally walked 40 metres out of the apartment block and into I guess what would be best called a bodega, complete with the important stuff like alcohol. I shit you not, £1 for a longneck tin can of Stella (that’s about $AUD2.40!) Gold!

Strange how one behaves in a foreign land… especially when the realisations are self-funded. The area I’m in is a tad rough, to say the least, but still, I find myself watching my back walking down the streets here. A lot of very dodgy-looking youngens. Add to this me walking down the streets with a $AUD4000 camera, and you perhaps get where I’m coming from.

I’ve started up my gallery of doom, which can be found here. Pardon any shots that look bad, or are blurry — I blame establishments feeding me alcohol.

Ok, it’s 4:30am here, and I’ve had almost enough Stella’s for the evening. Peace 🙂