I love technology, and have been involved with it for over thirty years. I'm a IT manager, a seasoned network, storage, Unix and virtualisation guy. I love to code (mmm, sweet sweet Python), and I django, SQLalchemy, Eve and pytest when I'm behaving. I'm also a DJ, and photographer.

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Strawberry Fields 2012

Ah, Strawberry… the little infant baby child of Rainbow, whether it likes that title or not.  I say this because, whether by design or not, the emulation and similarities are there. Same setup, same layout, same everything.  This isn’t really a bad thing; it just gets boring.  For some unfair reasoning on my part, I …

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Hey… sup…

And so here we finally are!  I’ve finally made the migration over to a decent blogging platform, instead of that horrid pile of mess that Geeklog has become. Looking forward to blogging again.  I’m so completely over social networking.  I wanted the concept so badly to be cool, but it’s turned out to just be a …

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