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The harvest thus far

It’s looking like a good year so far 🙂

The new wave of the fish chilli farm! First time growing jalapenos too.

Spooning. Boom!

Stay awesome, Nandos ;)

Technoir & Pretty Simple pres. Ade Fenton

So, I finally have my first official, polished and done videos from the 5D Mk II up… enjoy, rate, comment! They’re in HD, so be sure to watch it that way 🙂

Trance Energy, Calder Park

Great gig out at Calder park, brought to us by ID&T! Had an awesome day, and it was great to hang with mates from different crews.

Highlights for me definitely were Judge Jules and Simon Patterson. The rest were all a little too “hands in the air” fluffy for my liking.

No photos unfortunately, didn’t get a press pass.

And now, onto the vids!

Sander Van Doorn
Sean Tyas
Simon Patterson

Two more shoots

Bah, in all this “coming back to Australia” thing and doing photo touchups and whatnot, I just haven’t gotten around to doing my story on the trip yet… I’ll get there.

In the meantime, have a laugh and a perve at the last few shoots I’ve done 🙂

Technoir @ C.A.R.N.I.

Technoir… what awesome parties 🙂

Check out the photos here ðŸ™‚

Rainbow Serpent 2007!

Hrm, I’ve left this a couple of months too late, but hey, whatever.

Check out my shots of Rainbow 2007 here 🙂

DJ Scot Project (Germany) @ 3D

DJ Scot Project played 3D last Friday.

Shots are here.

Didn’t actually get any of Scot Project, as Kokman and I left early due to the mainroom being waaaaay too hot and smokey to deal with.

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