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Strawberry Fields 2012

Ah, Strawberry… the little infant baby child of Rainbow, whether it likes that title or not.  I say this because, whether by design or not, the emulation and similarities are there.

Tool (the band)

As insanely corny as this sounds, I feel rather musically “connected” to Tool. It has been a relationship of many years, and I simply cannot get enough of them.

Trance Energy, Calder Park

Great gig out at Calder park, brought to us by ID&T! Had an awesome day, and it was great to hang with mates from different crews.

Highlights for me definitely were Judge Jules and Simon Patterson. The rest were all a little too “hands in the air” fluffy for my liking.

No photos unfortunately, didn’t get a press pass.

And now, onto the vids!

Sander Van Doorn
Sean Tyas
Simon Patterson

Two more shoots

Bah, in all this “coming back to Australia” thing and doing photo touchups and whatnot, I just haven’t gotten around to doing my story on the trip yet… I’ll get there.

In the meantime, have a laugh and a perve at the last few shoots I’ve done 🙂

Technoir @ C.A.R.N.I.

Technoir… what awesome parties 🙂

Check out the photos here 🙂

Rainbow Serpent 2007!

Hrm, I’ve left this a couple of months too late, but hey, whatever.

Check out my shots of Rainbow 2007 here 🙂

Sydney for business

Almost a month ago, I went to Sydney as one of the longest-serving drones in our team left the company.

As is typical with these things, we had to do a braindump of this guy, as without is knowledge, the place would half fall apart. Was good to get back up to Sydney again, even if it meant that I saw nobody I wanted to, thanks to ghey schedules.

Anyhow, we get up there and settled on the Monday, finally get into the office (Jetstar: please get a fucking CLUE on how to check people in! Fucking cheapass budget airlines), and check in with everyone. Ben decides to have a look at Ticketmaster’s website for availability of tickets for Tool on the Wednesday — for no other reason than just for interest. Of course he didn’t expect to see much…

What he indeed found was two seats left, right near the front, in reserved seating!

Needless to say, we were quite wrapped with this, and snapped them straight up 🙂 Couple of hours later, we went to collect them, and then checked the website again, and the concert was sold out — LAST TICKETS!!!

The gig was mad… totally fucken awesome. Second time (thanks Kokman ;)) I’ve seen Tool and the first time I’ll remember them. The other time was a flash-in-the-pan gig called Alternative Nation, and I really don’t remember much from that. I do remember not being disappointed then either.

Anyhow, the rest of that week paled in comparison, mainly thanks to my stomach issues rearing their ugly heads, badly.

There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home…

DJ Scot Project (Germany) @ 3D

DJ Scot Project played 3D last Friday.

Shots are here.

Didn’t actually get any of Scot Project, as Kokman and I left early due to the mainroom being waaaaay too hot and smokey to deal with.

Technoir @ a warehouse

An awesome party (excepting this issue with Melbourne thinking that electro is now techno 🙁 ) was had at an undisclosed warehouse in Coburg. It was just the party I needed — getting incredibly sick of “parties” just being held at shitty clubs.

Check out the photos 🙂

lingfish @ 140 Techno & Trance

I had a friend, scootie, take some shots of me last week at 140 Techno & Trance. It was awesome, playing for a whole fifteen minutes 🙁

The owner shut the floor down as it was too late in the night. Hmmmmm.

Anyhow, check out the photos here.

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