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Feb 02

Reasons I hate perl #436

It allows people that shouldn’t be coding, to write horrid code.

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Apr 15

ESXi SAN boot and persistent storage

Given the long history I have with servers and SAN storage, the only time I’ve ever configured boot from SAN is for Solaris SPARC boxes. We recently bought new B200 M3 blades for our UCS infrastructure, and with that order I unintentionally omitted ordering local disks with them (we usually do a basic RAID 0 …

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Apr 14

Cisco IOS Tcl ios_config command

I was recently faced with the task that a lot of experienced network admins have to deal with — being able to execute multiple commands on a router/switch, but commands that may temporarily break connectivity to said device as each line is pasted. In the past… Traditionally, one would achieve this “device-side chained execution” by …

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Dec 09

Firewall Builder (fwbuilder) and fwbedit tricks

So I’m a huge fan of fwbuilder, having been a security guy for many years, and having been spoilt by Checkpoint’s SmartDashboard GUI (one of the few things they do well). Up until recently, I’ve not really needed a GUI for firewall management as we did most firewalling via the CP boxes.  Now, with the …

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