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Infoblox, IPAM tools, SDN and FUD

I ran across an blog opinion piece last night around Infoblox and their product suite — specifically proclaiming that both were headed for the graveyard, due to those two magical and overused terms, “cloud” and “SDN”.

It’s an interesting article, weaving together an apparent direct correlation between their stock price, and the relevance of generic IPAM tools.  I found it mostly speculative, which is strange because I usually find EtherialMind an ok read.  My article centres around his comments on IPAM and DNS (not their other stuff).

Why Greens, why?!?

Adam Bandt, you are a complete and utter twit — I didn’t think it was possible to be more alarmist and moronic than Bob Brown, but you’ve achieved that with vigour!

I cannot fathom why some people support this idiot:

I’m not a cilmate sceptic.  I’m not a hater of change.  I want our “green-aware” political party to be effectual, wonderous and all-planet-saving, but… why these two clowns?!?

If they simply portrayed some level of mature intelligence, and stopped with the alarmist, sensationalist crap, my vote would be bolting toward them.

I have to say, apart from the very, very deep and obvious hated embedded in this post, I do agree with the hazard burning (being that my own father is in the bush), and the meme is just gold.

Organic apple juice

So we were at a café yesterday, grabbing a late breakfast-at-lunchtime thing, when it was time to order.

I ordered my meal, and wanted a drink as well.

“Do you have apple juice?”
“No, we only have organic apple juice,” was his reply
“You know, like, cloudy apple juice.”

This silly shit has gone on too long.  For reference as to my head space, the dictionary definition is this:

or·gan·ic [awr-gan-ik]

  1. noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon.
  2. characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms: organic remains found in rocks.
  3. of or pertaining to an organ or the organs of an animal, plant, or fungus.
  4. of, pertaining to, or affecting living tissue: organic pathology.
  5. Psychology . caused by neurochemical, neuroendocrinologic, structural, or other physical impairment or change: organic disorder. Compare functional ( def 5 ) .

I’m pretty sure apple juice is derived from a living apple; the giveaway is that I asked for apple juice.

“You know, like, cloudy apple juice.”

No doubt what he was crapping on about was something along the lines of “no added whateverthefuck“, or perhaps that the apples were killed humanely, or maybe were free range apples.  I just wanted apple juice.

“Cloudy”?  So like, you mean, freshly squeezed, you asshat?

Here’s the kicker — the drink never came anyway.  Perhaps due to my dispassionate nature towards the organic-o-meter-ness of it, I was banned.

Take it away, DJO:

Strawberry Fields 2012

Ah, Strawberry… the little infant baby child of Rainbow, whether it likes that title or not.  I say this because, whether by design or not, the emulation and similarities are there.

Hey… sup…

And so here we finally are!  I’ve finally made the migration over to a decent blogging platform, instead of that horrid pile of mess that Geeklog has become.

Looking forward to blogging again.  I’m so completely over social networking.  I wanted the concept so badly to be cool, but it’s turned out to just be a bag of shit — another excellent example of something being cool, and then humans stepping in and screwing it up by participating.

Expect lots of fascination, shenanigans, and mayhem.  Most probably not though.



Da snip is done

So after a good five or more years of mysterious pain, my problem has apparently been found and I went into surgery to get it fixed.

The year thus far…

So I haven’t done a serious dump of my small brain in a while now… let the paiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn begin!

So it’s been quite a testing, challenging and interesting year thus far to say the least. I suppose, moreso to help me remember what to ramble about, a rough overview is required:

  • I travelled for the second time in my life overseas, and this time it was my first-ever, paid holiday
  • I played in my first ever DJ comp, and got through to the second round. I couldn’t compete any further because I was busy being overseas!
  • I fell more and more in love with Robyn
  • I experienced the death of a parent, and have come to quickly discover just how much of a trying process it is
  • I’ve had more than enough reminders of how one can feel so completely alone at all the wrong times
  • I’ve done some amazing work on a project for work, having co-ordinated the deployment of over 4000 network devices

London and Spain were, as to be expected, an amazing experience. Apart from my travelling partner, the whole thing (sans the flights) was something I’m always going to remember and cherish. The main realisation from it was that I do love my photography and want to continue to grow it and hopefully turn it into a profession instead of an endless hobby.

Visiting Kokman was one of the best parts. Can’t say that London did much for me (although I didn’t see a whole lot of it), but it was nice to see how shit operates elsewhere, and completely awesome to see the Kok again. He’s apparently coming home at the end of the year, which is bad for him I guess but good for the rest of us 😉 But man oh man was there a ton of visual delights in that country for the budding photographer! I’m worldly enough to realise that Australia is a baby in the bigger scheme of things, but man, some of the history there is just daunting.

Tom & B

It was awesome catching up once again with Cookie and Queen B — great to see that some things don’t change but just stay the same because they’re good. We had a great time going rekkid shopping (something I just had to do if I was to ever be in London), and after a few failed attempts at visiting shops, we finally found the godlike mecca that is Kinetic Records. Long story short, I had to leave the records there due to packing difficulties, and only just recently did I get them back in my hot little hands, thanks to the amazing and enormous help of Bee (and a fair shipping cost later :()


Spain was mad. Loved it. Like with most stories, there’s just too much to tell I guess, and I won’t bother going into it all here. That kind of thing is best learnt over a few drinks and good company 😉

The DJ comp was great — I played well, I think, and seemingly so did others. Pity I couldn’t go on any further with it though, being overseas and all. Would have been interesting to see what came of it. Ah well, plenty of other irons in fires right now, and hopefully will be playing a techno set next Friday night 🙂

Mum’s passing was something that was both unpleasant and at the same time, expected. We had all wondered how much longer she had to go before the smoking and general all-round neglect took hold of her. Watching someone slowly die in a hospital bed? Survey says, baw-bawwwww, no. Not nice in the slightest, but I guess something we all have to go through, especially to be reminded of how dear, and fickle, life is.

Trust me, nothing… nothing, is fucken stranger than deleting your mother’s phone number from
your phones. Just stop for a second, close your eyes, and imagine doing that… a truly surreal experience.

So after some fucktard attempting to contest the house (ie. going about getting his hooks into the house, instead of contesting the will the right way), the house is up for auction as we speak. It’s a tidy place, in need of some reno-rescue, but the location is great. We’re hoping we’ll get a moderately good bundle out of it (and hence a good inheritance ;)) Click on the link above, spread the word, if you know somebody in the market for something under $200,000 and who wants close schools and public transport, and a three bedroom house.

Fuck funerals are expensive. Fuck sorting out matters upon inheriting an estate is exhausting. Seriously, tell everyone you care about to just not die — it’s a shitload simpler for all involved (except the deceased I guess…)

Anyhow, hopefully is a far better update that what I’ve been giving as of late — I do hope to really start spamming the shit out of my “blog” more. I miss my writing, even if it’s boring bullshit from my life. As they say, I guess it can be therapeutic.

Milk laziness

What the FUCK is up with lazy gits that leave three drops of milk in work fridges and open a new one? is it THAT hard to just finish the first milk carton off and put it in a bin? Apparently it is. Apparently it’s quite easy to get up, go TO the fridge, make your drink, open ANOTHER carton after exerting so much energy placing the first one back, but not to dispose of the almost-empty one.

I mean, seriously… what the fuck!

A new year…

I’ve been tremendously slack with updating this.

Earthcore 2005!

Man, is it christmas already?!?? (How many times have you heard THAT so far :P)

Ahhhh, sweet sweet Earthcore. Another one done, and this was my best one yet 🙂

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