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I have failed. Still, after all these years, I neither cannot picture how doves cry, nor what it sounds like. #prince

Safe driving ad without the gore

Note to Australian government and advertisers: it doesn’t have to be gory and horrific to have shock value.  Well done, Volkswagen!

Why Greens, why?!?

Adam Bandt, you are a complete and utter twit — I didn’t think it was possible to be more alarmist and moronic than Bob Brown, but you’ve achieved that with vigour!

I cannot fathom why some people support this idiot:

I’m not a cilmate sceptic.  I’m not a hater of change.  I want our “green-aware” political party to be effectual, wonderous and all-planet-saving, but… why these two clowns?!?

If they simply portrayed some level of mature intelligence, and stopped with the alarmist, sensationalist crap, my vote would be bolting toward them.

I have to say, apart from the very, very deep and obvious hated embedded in this post, I do agree with the hazard burning (being that my own father is in the bush), and the meme is just gold.

Remember your regular reality check

Philosophical Sunday: It’s quite mind boggling how often people fail to think outside of the box they live in, with respect to work/life balance, remuneration & rewards, and working conditions, and an overall quality of life.

Bye bye, cigarettes!

So, today marks five days without cigarettes, based on my e-cig quest. Prior to that, I’ve quit once before, for two months.

Happy with that 🙂 not seeing any glaringly obvious benefits thus far though… Pity.


Tool (the band)

As insanely corny as this sounds, I feel rather musically “connected” to Tool. It has been a relationship of many years, and I simply cannot get enough of them.


A mate at work, who will remain nameless to protect his idgit-ness, told me this ripper today…

Sydney for business

Almost a month ago, I went to Sydney as one of the longest-serving drones in our team left the company.

As is typical with these things, we had to do a braindump of this guy, as without is knowledge, the place would half fall apart. Was good to get back up to Sydney again, even if it meant that I saw nobody I wanted to, thanks to ghey schedules.

Anyhow, we get up there and settled on the Monday, finally get into the office (Jetstar: please get a fucking CLUE on how to check people in! Fucking cheapass budget airlines), and check in with everyone. Ben decides to have a look at Ticketmaster’s website for availability of tickets for Tool on the Wednesday — for no other reason than just for interest. Of course he didn’t expect to see much…

What he indeed found was two seats left, right near the front, in reserved seating!

Needless to say, we were quite wrapped with this, and snapped them straight up 🙂 Couple of hours later, we went to collect them, and then checked the website again, and the concert was sold out — LAST TICKETS!!!

The gig was mad… totally fucken awesome. Second time (thanks Kokman ;)) I’ve seen Tool and the first time I’ll remember them. The other time was a flash-in-the-pan gig called Alternative Nation, and I really don’t remember much from that. I do remember not being disappointed then either.

Anyhow, the rest of that week paled in comparison, mainly thanks to my stomach issues rearing their ugly heads, badly.

There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home…

The year thus far…

So I haven’t done a serious dump of my small brain in a while now… let the paiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn begin!

So it’s been quite a testing, challenging and interesting year thus far to say the least. I suppose, moreso to help me remember what to ramble about, a rough overview is required:

  • I travelled for the second time in my life overseas, and this time it was my first-ever, paid holiday
  • I played in my first ever DJ comp, and got through to the second round. I couldn’t compete any further because I was busy being overseas!
  • I fell more and more in love with Robyn
  • I experienced the death of a parent, and have come to quickly discover just how much of a trying process it is
  • I’ve had more than enough reminders of how one can feel so completely alone at all the wrong times
  • I’ve done some amazing work on a project for work, having co-ordinated the deployment of over 4000 network devices

London and Spain were, as to be expected, an amazing experience. Apart from my travelling partner, the whole thing (sans the flights) was something I’m always going to remember and cherish. The main realisation from it was that I do love my photography and want to continue to grow it and hopefully turn it into a profession instead of an endless hobby.

Visiting Kokman was one of the best parts. Can’t say that London did much for me (although I didn’t see a whole lot of it), but it was nice to see how shit operates elsewhere, and completely awesome to see the Kok again. He’s apparently coming home at the end of the year, which is bad for him I guess but good for the rest of us 😉 But man oh man was there a ton of visual delights in that country for the budding photographer! I’m worldly enough to realise that Australia is a baby in the bigger scheme of things, but man, some of the history there is just daunting.

Tom & B

It was awesome catching up once again with Cookie and Queen B — great to see that some things don’t change but just stay the same because they’re good. We had a great time going rekkid shopping (something I just had to do if I was to ever be in London), and after a few failed attempts at visiting shops, we finally found the godlike mecca that is Kinetic Records. Long story short, I had to leave the records there due to packing difficulties, and only just recently did I get them back in my hot little hands, thanks to the amazing and enormous help of Bee (and a fair shipping cost later :()


Spain was mad. Loved it. Like with most stories, there’s just too much to tell I guess, and I won’t bother going into it all here. That kind of thing is best learnt over a few drinks and good company 😉

The DJ comp was great — I played well, I think, and seemingly so did others. Pity I couldn’t go on any further with it though, being overseas and all. Would have been interesting to see what came of it. Ah well, plenty of other irons in fires right now, and hopefully will be playing a techno set next Friday night 🙂

Mum’s passing was something that was both unpleasant and at the same time, expected. We had all wondered how much longer she had to go before the smoking and general all-round neglect took hold of her. Watching someone slowly die in a hospital bed? Survey says, baw-bawwwww, no. Not nice in the slightest, but I guess something we all have to go through, especially to be reminded of how dear, and fickle, life is.

Trust me, nothing… nothing, is fucken stranger than deleting your mother’s phone number from
your phones. Just stop for a second, close your eyes, and imagine doing that… a truly surreal experience.

So after some fucktard attempting to contest the house (ie. going about getting his hooks into the house, instead of contesting the will the right way), the house is up for auction as we speak. It’s a tidy place, in need of some reno-rescue, but the location is great. We’re hoping we’ll get a moderately good bundle out of it (and hence a good inheritance ;)) Click on the link above, spread the word, if you know somebody in the market for something under $200,000 and who wants close schools and public transport, and a three bedroom house.

Fuck funerals are expensive. Fuck sorting out matters upon inheriting an estate is exhausting. Seriously, tell everyone you care about to just not die — it’s a shitload simpler for all involved (except the deceased I guess…)

Anyhow, hopefully is a far better update that what I’ve been giving as of late — I do hope to really start spamming the shit out of my “blog” more. I miss my writing, even if it’s boring bullshit from my life. As they say, I guess it can be therapeutic.

Off to Spain!

So the trip has finally begun…

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