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The company getaway

Last weekend was the company all-paid-for getaway…

Pharmacy, work, stuff…

Pharmacy was great the other night, and so are my holidays 🙂

QBH rocked me as per usual. I don’t know why people give it shit — I spose its just the usual oldschool wankfest that people need to practise to appear “cool”. I love it. Another great show by the Pharmacy crew!

All the acts rocked me, except Afrika Islam, who I thought did an average job. Mixing was fine, but his style left me thinking I was at some kind of breakbeat gig (eww.) Met up quickly with Nexus, kicked it till very late 🙂 All good.

In other news, I’m on some well-deserved holidays, and loving it (like, who wouldn’t.) Time to get my “affairs in order” somewhat. Hopefully some great things will come to fruition in the near future.

That’s about all for the moment, sorry I haven’t been posting more stuff, and more interesting stuff… It’ll come back 😉

Bizarre dreams…

I had yet another strange dream the other morning, and have absolutely no idea what it’s meant to mean.

The name “Sharon”

There is only one person that makes the name Sharon sexy… Sharon Stone. That is all 😉

The world she changeth…

Did you know these little facts?

The 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1991, and that, according to insurance giant Munich Re, 700 natural disasters last year claimed 50,000 lives, almost five times as many as in 2002. Temperatures in Germany alone between July and August were of a kind that might be expected to happen only once in Europe in 450 years. By 2020, such heatwaves might happen every 20 years.

Mmmmm, global climate change…


Dad had another heart attack last night. Mary called me this morning, and what did I do straight after the call?

Had a cigarette.

She’s gone

She’s gone.

It’s all too quiet.

And tomorrow is another day.

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