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Holden badass

In the true spirit of small penis size, I spotted this in my local regular carpark the other day…

I think this clearly documents the “whipped husband”… here’s what, I guess he thinks, is a hot car, complete with wankified plate:

(lol, yeah, nice colour)… and what do we have in the back seat?

Yes, a child seat.

Man, dude, that’s SO raw. What a fucken badass he is. I imagine this convo:

“I’m getting that BADASS, RAW HSV honey, no questions about it!”
“No you’re not.”
“Oh, ok” *whimpers and sobs* “No, wait, I AM GETTING IT!”
“Righto, YOU make the baby seat fit!”

*whip cracking noise*

Milk laziness

What the FUCK is up with lazy gits that leave three drops of milk in work fridges and open a new one? is it THAT hard to just finish the first milk carton off and put it in a bin? Apparently it is. Apparently it’s quite easy to get up, go TO the fridge, make your drink, open ANOTHER carton after exerting so much energy placing the first one back, but not to dispose of the almost-empty one.

I mean, seriously… what the fuck!

The Stomach That Would Shit (me)

My stomach issue continues…

Renovation hell

So, I thought, finally the clothes line hogging noisy tools had moved, that all would be good in lingland. New people, perhaps new goodness. No donut.

Just another reason to get rid of NetBSD…

After finally completing the task of cutting my network routing over to the DSL service fully, I am reminded yet again why I need to trash NetBSD and put something useful on my firewall.

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