When doves cry

I have failed. Still, after all these years, I neither cannot picture how doves cry, nor what it sounds like. #prince

Infoblox, IPAM tools, SDN and FUD

I ran across an blog opinion piece last night around Infoblox and their product suite — specifically proclaiming that both were headed for the graveyard, due to those two magical and overused terms, “cloud” and “SDN”. It’s an interesting article, weaving together an apparent direct correlation between their stock price, and the relevance of generic IPAM …

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Safe driving ad without the gore

Note to Australian government and advertisers: it doesn’t have to be gory and horrific to have shock value.  Well done, Volkswagen!

Why Greens, why?!?

Adam Bandt, you are a complete and utter twit — I didn’t think it was possible to be more alarmist and moronic than Bob Brown, but you’ve achieved that with vigour! I cannot fathom why some people support this idiot: Why Tony Abbott's plan means more bushfires for Australia & more pics like this of Sydney http://t.co/bXFaAT6kLf …

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Organic apple juice

So we were at a café yesterday, grabbing a late breakfast-at-lunchtime thing, when it was time to order. I ordered my meal, and wanted a drink as well. “Do you have apple juice?” “No, we only have organic apple juice,” was his reply “Huh?!” “You know, like, cloudy apple juice.” This silly shit has gone …

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